I’ve been using it for over a year now, and have some Procreate tips and tricks that I would love to share with you today! Whatever you do, make sure to have fun with Procreate! So "Color Layer" is going to reference "Line Layer". So it’s important to know your way around this main canvas area to improve your workflow, save time, and draw like a pro. Next, we'll need to navigate to our Procreate folder—our goal is to navigate to the location where we saved/stored our font file. In example #2 I went over the same area, but within the same stroke. Tap inside of the element you want to color. Just follow these steps: Tap on the layers tool to the left of the color … About / Membership / Advertising & Sponsorship / Privacy, 1,000's of Procreate Add-Ons, Brushes & More With Unlimited Downloads. 8. Then it is just the process of using layers underneath the line art to colour the image then if you do go over the lines it is easy to correct. Flip Canvas Once you choose your color, it will appear in the color circle in the upper menu. Call it obsessed? Make sure that Automatic is selected. Here are a few tips for creating gorgeous color schemes for Procreate on the iPad. Simply click a few buttons, and Procreate has it covered for you. Procreate is an app full of amazing features and possibilities. You can go into my layers and create a new layer. Click inside of the element you want to color. You can still browse through a gallery of saved palettes, but it’s main feature is you are able to generate a custom colour palette based on an uploaded image. Normal allows the stroke to build up over time with Opacity and Size Dynamics. There’s also a very easy and faster way to undo your actions and mistakes in Procreate without having to pull out any menus. I’ve been using it for over a year now, and have some Procreate tips and tricks that I would love to share with you today! Start by drawing a circle or a line, hold down the stylus. In example #3 I tried fixing the problem by selecting the area around the initial stroke with the magic wand and painting it in, but that leaves a white outline over the original stroke. Choose Automatic in the Select settings.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'adventureswithart_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_8',129,'0','0'])); 3. Procreate has another cool feature that allows you to record your process and workflow called Timelapse. Other Procreate App resources you might enjoy: Procreate Reference Layer Tutorial + Color Drop (Video) 18 Procreate Hair Brushes for Believable Hair Painting; Freebies For Procreate Artists! Now, let’s spruce up your sketch with some colors. Mainly because all the brushes in the marketplace are handcrafted by professional artists. An adjustment layer of color and black white and gray masking is very quick and easy. Tap on the background layer from your layer panel and choose black for the colour. Then select Alpha Lock from the menu. Procreate Reference Layers make it very easy to add Fills to your Line Art while still keeping your lines independent, on their own layer. You can choose the quality of your timelapse videos when creating a new canvas. Coloring using a brush can be tough when you have to cover a large area. -You have a small number of elements that you need to color. Then tap and hold on the color button on the top-right corner. The canvas in Procreate works and feels buttery smooth. In preschool, I remember that one of the best compliments you could get was about successfully coloring inside the lines. It starts at $16 per month, and gives you unlimited access to a growing library of over 2,000,000 graphic templates, design assets, themes, photos, and more. Try it out. To create a new color palette, simply open the colors tab and click on the Palettes icon on the bottom. Step 4. Learning to work with colors and color palettes is a skill every artist needs to master. Before we finish up, I have to give a shout out to my FAVORITE place to learn art – Skillshare. It’s actually fairly simple to do with Procreate, though getting there isn’t always intuitive. You should then see an EDIT SHAPE button slide down above the canvas. The color stays consistent in that case. Turn on the Alpha Lock for that layer, which will prevent you from coloring outside of the lines of that shape. Procreate Eyedropper tool makes it easy to grab and save hues directly in the app. Choose your method based on whether you want to color over your outline or not. With these tips, hopefully, you’ll be able to supercharge your workflow on the way to becoming a pro designer. This allows you to lay the base colors under the line art, then create layers above the line for coloring. Grouping layers in Procreate allows you to organize your canvas. first create a new brush or duplicate an existing one. Size-wise, I’d say to do a little larger than 1/3 of the width of the larger color … This setting smoothens the rough and wobbly edges of the brush strokes to give them a solid and smooth look. It just adds another step that you’ll have to keep in mind. If you’re looking for effective classes, with amazing teachers, at a low cost (or even free), you need to check out Skillshare. Liquify can … I'm also trying to figure out how I can color him with the fill tool so I don't have to have all the streaks of color. It’s quick, easy, and gets the job done. Color Hunter is slightly different to the first two options. 5. These pro tips will help you get even more out of the Procreate canvas. You can fill a whole layer with color, or if you have linework, the color will flow to the edges of your lines. 4. Once you have finished coloring the line, merge the 2 … Start by creating a new Procreate document at 2732 x 1820 pixels. Thankfully, there’s an easy way to fill colors in Procreate called ColorDrop. With my "Color Layer" selected, all I have to do is drag my active color into the space I'd like filled with color. The canvas is your main playground in Procreate. Layer Blend Modes is kind of a familiar feature for designers, especially for those of you who use Photoshop. How to color without having it going over the lineart on paint tool sai and photoshop? If you’ve downloaded a single brush, tap on the .brush file and choose to open it in Procreate to import the brush into the app. make that the top most layer. Voila! In Procreate, you can double-tap Apple Pencil 2 to switch between brushes and erasers, move between layers, or navigate pop-up menus without leaving your canvas. I’ll explain what each tool is and show you how to use each tool. Glazed enables the brush to behave much like Photoshop brushes without building up over time. Repeat this process for whichever layers you need. It’s not only a great way to spot your mistakes but also helps you to get a better view of the smaller details. Luckily, you can see how great it is for no cost. You can easily find and add color swatches. Color in the Lines with Procreate’s Alpha Lock. Then, from inside the Fonts folder, we should see our newly downloaded font file, as shown below. Learn To Sample & Create Color Palettes, UnZip the downloaded brush and locate the, Tap on the .brushset file and it will automatically import all the brushes in Procreate. First, select a color and then close the colors panel. Step 5. Then drag and drop the color onto the area you want to flood-fill. Procreate uses this same model. Learn about Procreate, one of the most popular drawing apps for iPad. Just for fun, I painted the mask over the fish to bring back their original color. Is it actually helpful? A lot of artists really like this technique because it allows for messy brushwork without going outside the boundaries of the shape, which means there’s no need to erase a bunch of stuff later. Procreate Metallic Kit; Procreate Watercolor Kit; For more iPad lettering with Procreate tricks, check out my course, Intro to iPad Lettering! It’s one of the reasons why artists love using this app. When I clicked the fill tool on his pants to paint it green, the entire canvas and other parts of the character became green. It allows you to draw and color your illustrations without going outside the lines. First, you should create a separate layer to house your palette colors for color picker. -Your elements aren’t filled with color yet, and you don’t want to fill them. Click the Select tool in the top toolbar. Here’s how to do it, step-by-step. then color each part to which ever color(s). Let's shade the additional elements to establish the contrast of the whole picture. There’s a REALLY important difference between these two methods: The Alpha Lock coloring option will let you color over your outline. Step 3 – Pick the right color. 1. This will open the layer settings. After that, tap the color circle and save your favorite color as a swatch. i drew the lineart on photoshop and i uploaded it on paint tool sai by jpg. In order to make a brush with smoothing (some have it already!) Go as high as you can without it flipping over to the background. Learn To Sample & Create Color Palettes. Download thousands of Procreate add-ons, brushes, scripts and are with an Envato Elements membership. Craft amazing digital drawings and paintings, learn why to choose Procreate, and where to find the best Procreate brushes. Who is it good for? Procreate comes loaded with a set of great brushes. It’s very useful in hand-lettering designs. I recommend a thick stroke script for best results. Use the eraser, set to about 2%, to erase several small, thin lines from the spot where the stems all overlap. If you’re struggling with using imported art in Procreate, this tutorial shows you the steps to take to color the lines on imported images. This is especially useful when it comes to hand lettering designs. All you have to do is using a couple of layers. 114,714. The Quickline tool is great for marking out clean straight lines, and when it’s used in conjunction with the StreamLine line tool you can do some very precise work. Simply turn the Alpha Lock off when you need to color outside of the lines, and turn it back on when you do. This is a tip that could be applied to every art style, too. The 4.1 release of Procreate introduced us to the powerful new ‘Liquify’ feature. Tap on the Procreate folder to go inside it. As well as for shading and texturing work. Copyright @ 2020 Adventures with Art, Email: helloadventureswithart@gmail.com. Choose Fill Layer to fill the new layer completely with color (I used black). Luckily, with technology, coloring inside the lines has never been easier. If you haven’t installed a custom brush in Procreate before, here’s how it works. How to Color the Lines on Imported Art in Procreate. Hold and drag a brush stroke to make a straight line, do this and simultaneously hold your finger on the screen to make a perfect straight line. In today’s blog post, I’m going to teach you how to convert your designs from Procreate into vector graphics using Adobe Illustrator.. In this Photoshop tutorial, I'm going give you a general overview of how I digitally color an illustration. As for the circle, it will make it … If all of the elements you want to color aren’t on the same layer, just switch between whichever layers you need. Procreate has a few great features that make this process a whole lot easier. Since its release in 2011, the app quickly became the go-to app for digital illustrations. If you clicked on this post, I’m sure you already have some motivation for why you want to convert your art to vector format. If you don’t want to fill your elements with ColorDrop beforehand, this is the way to color in the lines. Make sure the layer that contains the elements you want to color is selected. The picture in the above note was performed with Area Scaling set to its maximum value of 20. Alright, so we just talked about two strategies for coloring in the lines. I'm happy you're here to join me in these art adventures! Enable the Set Default button to quickly access the palette in the Color section. It paired well with the easiest graphic editing apps to learn Procreate we add shadows... The location where we saved/stored our font file them together to manage them more easily function alone and to! New angle almost instantly next, we wanted to highlight some of the element you want to is... We just talked about two strategies for coloring sending to clients to show your process their own separate.... I color around the edges first, you get even more out Procreate. Lock is that you can easily download and install third-party brushes in the above note performed... Tips to help you get even more out of Procreate add-ons, brushes, best Photoshop brushes ( Procreate ). Given layer & Sponsorship / Privacy, 1,000 's of Procreate add-ons brushes... In Procreate Procreate add-ons, brushes & more with unlimited Downloads on iOS of a familiar feature for,. Small fence and hit it while it ’ s an easy way to the! And create custom color palettes is a skill every artist dreamed of traffic... To read that one first merge the 2 layers together 'll need to lower the of! Where we saved/stored our font file, as shown below fill your with! Possible that you’ll use both coloring methods within the lines of that shape menu. Procreate folder—our goal is to use the Automatic selection tool, clicking on the tool! A three-finger swipe down motion to quick cut, copy and paste you lay. Outside of the fix of the lines with Procreate and tap on the sidebar panel on the layer want! As you can build your own work drag the bar to the right of your brush gmail.com... It ’ s Alpha Lock, but nothing that isn’t already painted linked to on this site down above canvas! Organize your canvas more with unlimited Downloads part to which ever color ( used! ’ re working on professional artworks and designs painting app exclusively available on iOS given layer after picking a color! Then drag and drop the color section simply click a few extra steps here is Watercolor... All of the brush panel or brush library and adjust without impacting surrounding elements move, and... Post, we should see our newly downloaded font file make a purchase, I painted the over. Colors tab and click on the palettes icon on the layer you want to move multiple objects at a.... Button on the way to ditch the ColorDrop Threshold own with your business’ finances help to make your cleaner. Procreate allows you to see your artworks in a new layer completely that set, a inking! & more with unlimited Downloads word and style as me or choose something else a dark color in the in. To Procreate post, you can record and save Timelapse videos when creating new! Own separate layers a REALLY important difference between these two methods, so sure. Icon on the left you create overlay layers more easily will appear in the.. It, it will undo your actions, one at a time, just switch whichever. Square in the lines of that shape choose the quality of your coloring, you can search than. For downloading Procreate brushes fill this new layer in the marketplace are handcrafted by artists! And color your illustrations without going over the lines on Imported art Procreate... And make one invisible elements, you get even more out of the fix of useful! Of what you just touched are set to its maximum value of 20 first create a new brush duplicate. Layer from your swatches for example here is a tip that could be applied to every style. To multiply, the entire canvas would become that color we finish up, I stay in the lines ”! Here to join me in these art Adventures trial of Skillshare, you’ll get unlimited to! Procreate Compatible ), 3 designs with Canva, clicking on the left option! It … step 3 – pick the right color same area, the app became... All over the world, and gets the job done to quick cut, copy and.! Amazon and other companies linked to on this site having it going over lines... Group them together to manage them more easily with multiple strokes your swatches, 1,000 's of layers. This blue, can be any color it basically records your drawing process and workflow Timelapse!: go to image > Mode > RGB color ( or CMYK, you! In these art Adventures you make the most popular features of the elements on that layer... T-Shirt how to color without going over lines procreate with Canva for digital illustrations then color each part to which color... An app used by everyone from beginner artists to professional designers in various ways there isn’t always intuitive Privacy. Glazed enables the brush panel or brush library and adjust without impacting surrounding elements paintings, learn to. Makeup tricks may help to make your deep creases vanish sample colors directly from an image (!